In order to reschedule a game, read the information below, complete the online form, and click the Submit button. Notification to us must be at least 10 days before the originally scheduled game date. Rescheduling games is not an easy process and involves many different people. Failure to follow all reschedule procedures will result in a forfeit.

A game may only be rescheduled if one of the following two items apply:

1. Due to a community function - a school or church function that the majority of your team will be participating and the number of players available would fall below the minimum needed as listed below.

A. Minors and Seniors - Contact your District Representative

B. Strikers and Kickers - Normally field 11 players, but have less than 7 available

C. Wings – Normally field 9 players, but have less than 6 available

D. Passers - Normally field 7 players, but have less than 5 available

E. Candy League U6 – Normally field 5 players, but have less than 4 available

F. Candy League U5 or U4 – Normally field 3 players, but have less than 3 available

Courtesy is to field the same number of players from your team as the team that has to play short sided. All players on your team play equal amount of time. If the head coach is not available for the game, the assistant coach(es) and / or approved volunteer can guide the team.

2.  If the field has been officially closed or if the game is called due to rain or other weather conditions.

Reschedule requests will be reviewed and not all reschedule requests will be approved.

For the current season, approved reschedule requests will be played on Sunday, October 8.  Rescheduled game times/dates will be determined by the league and you will be notified of your game date and time.  For the few weeknight game dates available, you can check weeknight game schedules by clicking on the weeknight tab on the Referee Schedule located on our Referee Info page. Referees are not always available for rescheduled candy games.

When you get confirmation of the make up date, YOU MUST CONTACT:

The coach(es) that practice on that field on the night of your rescheduled game. Let them know a game will be played on that field and if your practice field is open that night that it is available for them to use.

Games take priority over practices. If your practice is on the field that has a game, please move to another space.

Travel teams (Strikers, Kickers, Minors and Seniors) must complete the reschedule request form for games played at Finley Ray Park (home games only). Please let us know if an away game is being rescheduled by going to our Contact page.

Please minimize use of rescheduling:

Your Name:   

Home coach's name (coach requesting reschedule):   

Your E-mail:     This is how you will get your reply.

 Phone  (Home / Daytime / Cell):   

Other coach's name:   

Other coach's email:   

Have you talked to the other coach about rescheduling before filling out this form?   

Team Info:   Male     Female    Division

Original scheduled game DateTimeField

 Team Number(s) VS.   (For Candy  divisions enter the last 2 digits of your team number minus the zero)

 What is your practice field?   

What night(s) do you practice?  Hold ctrl key & click all practice nights. 

Enter your reason for the reschedule in the space provided below:


If you are submitting more than one reschedule request, please do so by clicking the reschedule link on the Coach's page for your next requests, not by using the link on the submission success page which follows this screen.

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