New Finley Ray Park


New Finley Ray Park is a privately owned park and is managed by Greater Milford Athletic Association (GMAA). A portion of all sport participantsí registration fees are used for improving park facilities and providing quality maintenance services.  New Finley Ray Park consists of approximately 55 acres of which about half are used for sport activities, including soccer, baseball, and softball.  The park currently has 22 soccer fields and 15 ball diamonds, which service approximately 800 ball players and over 1000 soccer players each season.  The park has also been a host for various soccer and ball tournaments and camps.  The park has three pavilions (one large, two small) which can be used by any GMAA member, free of charge, for team parties during the sport season.  Use of the park facilities for non-members or other activities is also available for a fee.  For more information or to make a reservation, please call the park information line at 513-831-9931.

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